Commercial Building Contractors in Tampa – Michael G. Young Contractor, Inc. Built A State-Of-The-Art Laboratory For Method Testing Labs in Tampa

Commercial Building Contractors in Tampa Michael G. Young Contractor, Inc. built a state-of-the-art laboratory to the unique specifications of the owners of Method Testing Labs.

And now, owner Rob Radke, and his team are enjoying their wonderful laboratory that was specifically constructed to provide a low-humidity and sanitary substance-testing environment.

For Rob and the Method Testing Labs team, completing construction of their laboratory on time and within budget was crucial for them to start their new business as they had planned.

Here is what owner, Rob has to say about his experience of working with commercial building contractors in Tampa, Mike Young and his team:

“I’m Rob Radke from Method Testing Labs.

About a year ago we founded this business and we needed a firm to help us build out our lab from scratch.

We had an architect but we didn’t have a general contractor. So I reached out to a few folks in the Tampa area.

We were looking for a firm that had a fair price, but more importantly, also understood what we needed, the speed that we needed to move at and also would do a really good job.

So after interviewing a few general contractors we ended up selecting Mike Young.

Throughout the whole process Mike was very helpful.

Everywhere from design, partnering with our architect, working with the County to get the permitting right, helping us find economical solutions because for our testing lab we had a lot of unique things we needed to incorporate.

We found Mike to be supportive throughout the entire process.

So our project was unique in that we were building a laboratory that needs to be very clean and allow us to deliver good results for our customers.

So Mike helped us design and implement in our construction different things that would help us do that.

One of the big things was environmental controls.

Working with Mike, our architect and our subcontractors through Mike, we were able to come up with some novel solutions around environmental controls that allow us to keep the humidity under control, which could be a challenge in Florida. So we worked a lot with him there.

Another example of Mike helping us out, was working with the County.

So when COVID-19 hit, the County changed a lot of how they were going to do their permitting and there were a lot of changes so you couldn’t actually go meet with them in person.

Mike helped us work with the County so we got our permits in time and we didn’t have to delay any of our construction.

Throughout the entire process, Mike and his whole team were very supportive.

Another thing we really appreciated from Mike was his staff.

It was really important that we had someone from his team here every day, right when work was getting started to help us with construction, and also help us with the subcontractors.

His team was here every day and always kept me very updated on what was happening, when things were going to occur, and did a great job sticking to the project plan that we had put together from the beginning.

The entire experience with Mike and his team was really best-in-class.

He got our project done in only 8 to 10 weeks, which was right in line with our project plan.

It helped us keep our business on track because we had a lot of things we needed to do of course once construction is over, and you know when construction gets delayed, everything gets delayed.

So that was really important to us.

I would highly recommend Mike and his team.

They’re great to partner with and we look forward to working with Mike again in the future as we continue to expand.”

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