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Project Description

Client:   Andrew McCutchen, President – Baymar Solutions
Location:  Odessa, FL
Year Completed:   2021

Commercial Remodeling Project:

This project involved converting an old existing warehouse into a new operations and manufacturing facility.

One of the major issues with this project was the requirements of the power. We had to up the service. It was initially 200 amps, and we had to bring in another 600 amps, for a total of 800 amps.

We moved 200 amps to the adjoining suite, which is a leased suite now.

We created a machine room, upped the air conditioning requirements, added duct work, built a fire wall, installed doors and frames, and gave the space a new coat of paint.

A new exterior door was created to provide outside access to the adjoining, leased suite so that Andrew could rent out the space.

We worked closely with Andrew to make sure the space was created and partitioned according to his operations and manufacturing needs, and we’re very happy to see his business running and doing well.

Michael Young with Client Andrew McCutchen

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    Client Testimonial

    I’m Andrew McCutchen. I’m the President and CEO of Baymar Solutions. We just purchased a building not long ago, and as part of our operations expansion we needed to do some build-out to grow the operation side of our business and our manufacturing space.

    So I looked around for different general contractors. Mike and I had worked together on a project eight years ago or so. He did a fantastic job back then, so I called him up to help quote this project when we were in the early stages.

    We went through the whole quoting process, got all the bank approvals and everything like that.

    Once everything was approved we kept moving forward. He had the best quote, and I had experience working with him on a successful project before, so we pressed on.

    Once we got everything approved and owned the building, we started working with the architects to lay everything out and design what we needed from the space.

    Then we went through the whole permitting process which went smooth as well. Mike really helped expedite that process so we could get moving faster.

    So part of the build-out we were doing, we were building out a fabrication space. So, putting up some walls all the way up to the 20-foot ceilings.

    We put in a fire wall to subdivide the space, which also included adding additional bathrooms and a kitchen and outside access to divide that space.

    We added a lot more electricity as well, 800 amps, so that was a major undertaking. Along with running a whole new subpanel for the fabrication space.

    So it was a pretty major project.

    We had to move in as part of this. We were still trying to operate while all of this was going on. Mike and his team did a fantastic job working with us to allow us to continue to work, and working around us as well as trying to keep clean areas and things like that for us to continue to operate.

    Since I was here everyday and our team was here everyday working, one thing I was really impressed with is that they showed up everyday, every morning and were here supervising the job.

    I’ve had other experiences in the past that were not like that. So it’s great to have a general contractor that really cares, wants to do a good job for you, and shows up everyday and helps solve problems.

    You’re always going to run into things, but he always worked really hard to solve issues that came up and do his best to not have any kind of cost increase or anything like that.

    It went really smooth.

    The work done, you know, it’s a commercial space, its industrial grade. Everything was done to an industrial grade. It’s heavy duty, top quality materials and his team did a great job with it.

    We’re really happy with the way everything turned out. We were able to get up and running.

    The place looks great. Everybody is always really impressed when they come in. We’re just really happy with how everything turned out.

    So, if you’re looking for a general contractor that’s going to show up and really care about your project and do a great job, Mike Young is a great general contractor to work with.

    -Andrew McCutchen, Baymar Solutions Facility, Odessa, FL