Tampa Construction Companies Michael G. Young Contractor, Inc. Renovated Jerry’s 1914 House

Tampa construction companies Michael G. Young Contractor, Inc. renovated Jerry’s kitchen and windows to give his home a more open floor plan, make it more energy efficient, and hurricane resistant.

Since 1985, Michael G. Young Contractor, Inc. has been building and renovating houses in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St. Pete areas, always delivering fantastic results.

After Mike Young completed Jerry’s home renovation project, Jerry and his wife are very happy with the final renovation results.

Jerry is so happy with his newly renovated house that he highly recommends Tampa construction companies, Michael G. Young Contractor, Inc. for anyone looking to build a new house or renovate their existing home.

Here is what Jerry had to say about commercial and residential general contractor Mike Young and the renovation project:

My name is Jerry Graham. I have known Mike Young for a number of years. He built an office building for a friend of mine and it was fantastic.

When I needed to get my house remodeled, I thought of Mike. He is very honest, has a lot of integrity and does very good work.

I have a very old 1914 house that had an outdated kitchen. There was a wall right here making it very closed in and small. Mike and I came up with the plan to open up this wall and make it a much more usable kitchen.

Mike did a very good job. He was on time. There were a lot of problems that we didn’t foresee that he took care of.

We are very happy with the way it has come out. My wife loves it.

I am happy to recommend him.

I recommend Mike Young. He has been in business for 35 years and every work that I have seen him do has been exceptional and I would recommend him to anybody to use for their project.

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